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We expect to land at 10:15.

English: We expect to land at 10:15.

French: Nous prévoyons atterrir à 10:15.


A few weeks ago in Gavarnie. Il y a quelques semaines à Gavarnie. Gavarnie is a town just north of the France-Spain border. Pictured below is the Cirque de Gavarnie taken from just outside the town. Just beyond the Cirque is Spain. It was about a one-hour hike from the town to the middle of the Cirque.


Saying ‘’arrive’’ may sometimes be ambiguous. The plane may land on the runway at a certain time but it may take more time for it to make its way over to the terminal building and its final parking spot. How much time it takes will depend on the distance from the runway to the gate, and how much traffic there is circulating on the ramp. The pilots often explicitly make the distinction time between landing time and gate arrival time.

“We’re expecting to land at about 10:15 and we’ll be at the gate 10 minutes after.”

“We should be landing in about 20 minutes and arriving at the gate at 10:30.”

Sometimes they will only announce landing time, or only announce gate arrival time. Other times, they'll announce both. To translate landing time, you can use the following:

Arriver=To arrive

Atterrir=To land

Nous prévoyons=We expect

À 10:15=At 10:15

Nous prévoyons arriver à 10:15.

Nous prévoyons atterrir à 10:15.


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