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We expect to land in about 20 minutes.

English: We expect to land in about 20 minutes.

French: Nous prévoyons atterrir dans environ 20 minutes.

Instead of specifying exactly what time the plane will land or arrive, your pilots may instead just announce “in how many minutes” the plane is expected to land or arrive.


Environ=About, approximately

Nous prévoyons arriver à 10:15=We expect to arrive at 10:15

Nous prévoyons arriver dans vingt minutes, environ=We expect to arrive in twenty minutes, approximately

Nous prévoyons atterrir à 10:15, environ=We expect to land at 10:15, approximately

Nous prévoyons atterrir dans environ trente minutes=We expect to land in about thirty minutes.

“Environ” “Approximately” is a useful word that you can add freely every time you mention expected arrival or departure times.

Instead of “environ”, you may occasionally hear your colleagues and passengers use the word “approximativement”, which is more analogous to the English word “approximately”. “Environ” and “approximativement” mean the same thing and are used the same way, but in French “environ” is more commonly used. We recommend that you use “environ” as well, as it’s a shorter word with less syllables and you may find it easier to pronounce.


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