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We expect to take off soon.

English: We expect to take off soon.

French: Nous prévoyons décoller bientôt.

Sometimes, your pilots will make an announcement after push back from the gate, but before you take off from the runway. If there’s a particularly long line-up of airplanes in front of the runway for take-off, for example, your pilots may make this announcement to inform everyone of the expected wait time for take-off.

While we used “partir” as a generic word for “to depart”, in this case, you can use the verb “décoller” to specify “to take off” (from the runway).

Décoller=To take off

Nous prévoyons=We expect


Nous prévoyons décoller bientôt.

Nous prévoyons décoller dans environ 10 minutes.

The verb “to take off” is “décoller”. You may remember from earlier posts that the noun “take-off” in French is “décollage” (m).

Pouvez-vous ranger votre sac pour le décollage? Can you stow your bag for (the) take-off?


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Taking off from the Barcelona Airport. Le décollage de l'aéroport de Barcelone. Speaking of taking off, here's picture of our take-off from the Barcelona Airport (BCN) a few weeks ago.

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