We’re sorry for any inconvenience

English: We’re sorry for any inconvenience.

French: Nous sommes désolés pour tout inconvénient.

Along with ‘’Thanks for your patience and understanding”, this is an easy phrase to add to the end of any announcement when passengers are inconvenienced in any way. Though there are many ways in French to apologize for any inconvenience caused, we’ve chosen this way:

Nous sommes=We are




Inconvénient (m)=Inconvenience.

“Nous sommes désolés” is analogous to the English “We are sorry”, though there are other ways to apologize in French (as there are in English).

European francophones will generally not consider this use of “inconvénient” to be idiomatic French, even though they will understand it. European francophones will use other words for “inconvenience”, such as "désagrément" (m). In Canada, using “inconvénient” like this is perfectly acceptable and thus makes it easier for you to learn as it’s closer to the English word “inconvenience”.


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