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Where is the washroom?

English: Where is the washroom? 

French: Où est la toilette?

Some passengers may need a bit of direction to the nearest washroom.

"Washroom" is "toilette" in Canadian French. Most European French speakers will use the same word in the plural, even if they're referring to a single lavatory stall. They'll use "les toilettes". "Où sont les toilettes?" "Where are the toilets?"

French Canadians will usually use "la toilette". However, we have also come across French Canadians who use "la salle de bain" meaning "bathroom", which usually refers to the bathroom in a home; a room with a bathtub. We've also come across rarely "la chambre de bain."

For the sake of simplicity, you yourself should use "toilette." However, it's important for you to recognize these other expressions as well when passengers use them so you may understand them.


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