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  • Audio Lessons 61 through 80 (Complete Module 4)
  • Also includes PDF vocabulary list of main expressions covered
  • No other reading/writing materials included

Please unzip/extract the zip folder after downloading to access audio files and PDF.


French for flight attendants on the job-Extended

Learn more French that flight attendants use on the job, in less common situations that you'll still encounter occasionally. Learn less common drinks and food in French. Learn to deal with bag issues in French (bags don't fit, there's no more space). Inflight turbulence and relevant announcements and conversations. Translate announcements about less common weather conditions. Announcements for mechanical issues, gate returns, plane changes, gate changes, cancellations, diverting. Announcements for delays caused by weather, air traffic control, fuel, catering, connecting passengers, runway construction, etc. Talking to passengers about tight connections, missed connections. Giving directions to facilitate connections. Customer service conversations when errors affect a passenger. Learn more informal Canadian French expressions and pronunciations that passengers will use. Learn to pronounce more French names and cities in French.


Special price!

The market price for generic audio language courses is $150 for 15 hours of instruction. In-class generic language courses can charge $250 for 15 hours of instruction. Canadian French for Flight Attendants© is currently available for a special price of only $95 per module!


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Canadian French for Flight Attendants©

Module 4 (Lessons 61-80) (434.6MB file size, 13h21m total run time)

C$150.00 Regular Price
C$95.00Sale Price
  • Zip folder containing mp3 files. Please unzip/extract the file after downloading.

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