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Canadian French for Flight Attendants
audio course

Specifically targeted to Flight Attendants.

Learn exactly the French you need to pass a flight attendant French test and work as a bilingual flight attendant. Created with the help of bilingual flight attendants, no one else knows better the kind of French you need to learn.

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Focus on listening and speaking with confidence.

Flight attendants almost exclusively communicate with passengers orally, rarely by writing or reading. Focus on practicing listening and speaking with natural ease.

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Dedicated to you only.

Listen to our native speakers the entire time, as much as you want. Practice your speaking as much as you want. Don't share course time with other students. No reading, no writing, no grammar homework. Flight attendants rarely need to read or write with passengers.

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Your schedule. Your surroundings. No pressure.

Learn in the comfort of your surroundings. At home. On your commute. In a park. Learn on your schedule. Practice your speaking on your own without any pressure or nerves.

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Standard and Informal Canadian French

We teach you standard French. But native speakers won't speak like a French textbook. Thus, we also teach you to recognize informal pronunciations, non-standard vocabulary, and anglicisms. When you inevitably come across them, you won't get thrown off. We also teach you the Canadian accent, which is what most passengers will speak with.

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Other French courses online/school/community centre

Generic. No specific goal.

Other courses are generic, with no specific purpose. They're made by people who do not know what kind of French a flight attendant needs.

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Overwhelming. Excessive.

Other courses try to simultaneously teach reading, writing, listening and speaking. It's overwhelming. And excessive for the goals of flight attendants. Flight attendants rarely need to read or write with passengers.

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Share course time with other students.

Weekly class time is shared with other students. Each student will only end up with a few minutes of speaking practice per class. You might pick up other students' mistakes. You only get to hear the native speaker teacher speak a little bit each week. Heavy emphasis on writing and reading homework.

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Class schedule. Classroom environment.

Many feel nervous practicing speaking in front of others, especially in front of other more outspoken students in class. Class schedules may interfere with your own.

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Textbook Parisian French only.

Parisian French only. You will be thrown off by the accent and expressions used by French Canadian passengers. Focuses only on formal, textbook French. Your passengers won't speak like a textbook. You'll get thrown off when they use colloquial language with you.

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